At first, I tried keeping a diary.  But then I slacked off.    I was just too busy having the adventure to find the time to write about it.  Sadly, so much of the madness is a haze now.   But here are a few excerpts from the early days.    To protect the innocent (and myself), names have been withheld or changed in some instances.

When I read some of these excerpts now, I laugh because it seems that I was more interested in my social life than just about anything else.   But with such dirty, dusty streets, unheated homes, predictably trying days at work, and troubling stories emanating from every outlet, letting off steam was tantamount to survival.   And the assortment of journalists, expats, diplomats, entrepreneurs, and misfits that swirled around Kabul made for an irresistibly colorful feast one could not help but to want to sink their teeth into.