Kabul, Afghanistan | July 30, 2003



It takes such a huge amount of time to craft a non-cheesy, non-exploitative
sounding story...I just can't tell you.  At least for me.  Maybe you should try
writing the biography of Tarsian & Blinkley, though I doubt you have time at
this point :)  

I need to write a whole Diary about today, but I just don't have time.  D -
the women were stampeding me!  I need bouncers at work.  I have two very sweet assistants who are both teachers/tutors at the school -- Palwasha teaches English (have I already talked to you about this girl?), and Sufia teaches Koran and pulls her scarf below hairline.  Both have gotten used to the routine and were already mapping embroidery designs on the pants when I arrived at the office in the later AM. They also had the building "secured" for the big Wednesday stampede.  My effort at creating order in the form of certain visitation days for the women quickly turned to...a rock concert stampede complete with banging on my locked door and wrestling me a little bit.  I am so out of it, I know I can't even write right now.  After spending my morning thumbing through representatives from the 50 tribes of Afghanistan, I spent the afternoon discussing shipping procedures with the White Russian girl from Uzbekistan while her friend, the flirtatious Azerbaijan Airlines stewardness who kept distracting us to talk about how cute the clothes were and how both of them must come to the Kabul trunk show.  

did i already tell you it's like 3 am and I'm still up?