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The Story

“We were witness to a world that had fallen beyond the bounds of ordinary rules, and reason proved a poor refuge for the urge to comprehend it. Something deeper was required to match the pitch of feeling, and in such small acts of insanity as that evening we sought a natural antidote for the greater insanity around us….it followed an unreasonable logic of its own, taking odd moments prisoner when the chance arose. A strange and potent medicine.”
Jason Elliot, An Unexpected Light

The past 24 years have been an unbelievably brutal period in the history of Afghanistan that has left much of the country and its people devastated. Yet a rich cultural legacy remains and that is what Tarsian & Blinkley seeks to revitalize. Tarsian & Blinkley works with local and international non-profit organizations in Afghanistan to create employment and educational opportunities for Afghan women in an environment that really nurtures and protects them from the exploitations they would otherwise face in their daily lives.

We pay our employees extremely fair wages that are well above country standards and expose them to market-sensitive practices of quality control. Our partners provide skill training such as tailoring and literacy. In exchange for the opportunity to make a sustainable living, feed themselves and their families, and acquire some rarely had peace of mind, Tarsian & Blinkley gets wonderfully loyal employees who stitch, embroider, bead, and knit beautiful clothing and accessories using age-old handicrafts techniques unique to Central Asia.

We work individually with each of the women that we employ to identify their unique strengths and handicrafts skills. Rosama, Marzia, Anise, Fatima, Karima, and dozens more….each has a unique tale and creativity that is distinctively expressed in the clothing that we produce.

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